Trade in commodity

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Global Institutional investor interest in commodity trading has increased significantly over the past few years. This, in part, reflects powerful cyclical and structural forces working in favour of commodity markets, while, also the realization of the need to diversify personal investments into upcoming and popular financial products.

But what are these commodities?

Commodities are goods that are typically used as inputs in the production of other goods and services. Commodity prices are determined largely by supply and demand interactions in the global marketplace. Supply and demand conditions may be influenced by factors like the weather, geo-political events, and supply-side shocks (e.g., wars, hurricanes). Few examples of commonly traded commodities are energy products like oil and natural gas, metals like gold, copper and nickel, and agricultural products like sugar, coffee, and soybean.

Some of the major benefits of trading in commodities are portfolio diversification, inflation protection, hedge against event bases risk etc.

Inventure Commodity offers one of the best trading solutions to individual clients through its Individual Trading desk. The Individual Trading desk enables a client to trade in any commodity futures, listed on the national commodity exchanges, with a slew of value-added services attached to it at no extra cost. As an individual client of Inventure Commodity Services, you benefit from In-depth research on commodities of your interest, SMS services for intra-day technical calls, Daily, Weekly and Special Research Reports on commodity complex and efficient execution of your trades.

Inventure Commodity Corporate Desk offers trading and hedging solutions to corporate clients. It acts only on the clients' instructions / orders. And, based on their independent decision, INVENTURE helps them in their hedging process, including implementation and continuous monitoring of their positions. Our guidance helps clients withstand the vagaries of commodity price fluctuations in their businesses, which may generate higher risk-adjusted return on their capital.


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