Benefits for Investors

  • MTF is ideal for investors who are looking for benefit from the price movement in short-term but not having sufficient cash balance.
  • Utilization of securities available in portfolio/demat account (using them as shares as collateral).
  • Improve the percentage return on the capital deployed.
  • Enhance the buying power of the investors.
  • Prudently regulated by the regulator and exchanges.

Margin Trading Facility

  • Margin Trading Facility allows investors to buy a stock by paying just a fraction of the total transaction value. The balance amount is funded by the broker(such as Inventure Growth & Securities)
  • Margin Trading offers greater profit potential than traditional trading, but also has great risk.
  • With this Facility, you can capture profit on your stock without actually taking delivery of the stock.
  • MTF approved list has 1200+ securities in which you can invest.
  • Investors who want to utilize the margin trading facility should create an MTF account with us.